23rd September 2015

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions can also be downloaded in PDF format here.

    1.  Confirmation: A booking will be considered confirmed on payment of the deposit and the Security deposit. The hirer should confirm details of the booking fourteen (14) days before the date of the function.
    2. Payment: Payment of the balance of the hire charge must be made, at the latest, fourteen (14) days before the date of the function. Payment can be made Online via the details on the Booking Form and/or by cash or cheque (cheques should be made payable to WADCA).
    3. Use of Premises: The hirer may only use the rooms and facilities as booked during the hours specified on the Booking Form. Access to the Centre outside of these times may be possible by discussion with the Booking Manager. Hirers may use the car parks attached to the Centre, where spaces are available, but WADCA accept no liability for loss or damage arising from their use. The Duty Officer will lock the barrier on leaving the premises. Vehicles should not be left in the car park overnight, unless given specific permission. Please take your rubbish with you, as we have limited space in our bins. Black Bins bags can be provided.
    4. Liability: WADCA can accept no liability for loss or damage to hirers or their guest’s property, or person, on or off the premises however caused. Any necessary insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. For details on Public Liability Insurance please see No. 11.
    5. Order: The hirer is responsible for the conduct of guests and care in the use of property and equipment on hire. Guests should only utilise the hired areas and be considerate of other facility users.
    6. Security Deposit: A security deposit is required to cover the potential cost of:
      • a) breakages and/or damage caused by the hirer or their guests.
      • b) overstaying the hire period by more than a reasonable time necessary to vacate the premises, (normally 30 minutes). After this time an excess rate, equal to the room hire will be charged for every hour or part thereof.
      • c) If the room(s) have not been left in the condition it/they were found at the start of the hire period and require cleaning this will be deducted from the Security Deposit at a cost of £15. The security deposit, may be reclaimed from the Booking Manager any time up to four (4) weeks following the hire.
    7. Bar: This service is subject to availability and the Licensing laws. If a bar is required by the hirer, then the details must be made clear on the Booking form, which must be sent to the Booking Manager as soon as practicable.

      A ‘Guest list’ giving the names of all attendees to the function must be provided to the Booking Manager forty-eight hours (48 hrs.) before the function. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that only those on their ‘Guest list’ are allowed into the premises.

      WADCA has the right to refuse entry or to serve any person without giving notice or reason. No-one under the age of eighteen years will be served at the bar.

      No drinks, whether alcohol or not, are to be brought into the premises without the prior agreement/permission of WADCA. If permission is given, a corkage fee of £5 per bottle will be charged.

      There is a minimum spend amount of £100 for the use of the Lounge Bar, however if the minimum is not reached the hirer will incur a charge of £30. This is discussed after the event.

    8. Catering: If hired the kitchen, crockery and utensils must be left in a clean and tidy condition for the security deposit, or part thereof to be refunded. Please ask for a quote if you would like catering to be provided.

    9. Equipment: No equipment, apparatus, machinery, display or decorative material is to be brought onto the premises, attached to the building fabric or connected to any systems, without the permission of WADCA. The hirer will be responsible for the safe and proper use of such equipment and responsible for any damage caused. The power supply is 13 amp, 240 volt and 50 Hz. A local licensed radio transmitter can cause interference to some types of disco/amplifier equipment. We have no control over any such situation and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of such interference.

      • 9.1 Equipment for Hire: Lighting rig (belongs to Winterbourne Musical Theatre) £25 per performance, you will also need to negotiate with the lighting engineer for his availability. Projector is £20 per day. Portable Public Address unit, comes with 2 microphones & stands. Use your own USB memory stick, MP3 player or laptop.
    10. Noise: Due to the proximity of residential properties, noise restrictions are in force. Hirers must ensure that noise created does not exceed a reasonable level and must comply with any request from WADCA to reduce noise levels. A noise controller is installed which will cut off power if the level shown on the “traffic light” indicator in front of the stage is exceeded. This may result in damage to equipment being used. It is the responsibility of the hirer to warn any user that this control is in existence.
      We ask all who use the centre to leave the premises quietly as this is part of the South Gloucestershire licensing rules.
    11. Licenses/Insurances:The hirer or any person engaged by them is responsible for arranging and paying any fees to the Performing Rights Society etc. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure that Public Liability Insurance is provided, for any equipment or activities brought into the centre. WADCA provides Public Liability Ins. for the building and facilities owned by WADCA only.
    12. Cancellation: A refund of any security deposit will be paid if the hirer cancels the booking for any reason. However any hire charge deposit will be forfeit if the hirer gives less than 28 days notice of cancellation. The hirer will be responsible for any special expenditure made by WADCA on behalf of the hirer. If, at any time, for reasons beyond its control, WADCA is unable to provide the booked accommodation, as much notice as is reasonably possible will be given to the hirer, but WADCA’s liability ends when all hire monies have been repaid.
    13. Right of Entry: WADCA has the right of entry at any time, before, during or after the booking as it considers necessary for the supervision of its premises, property and land.
    14. Alterations: WADCA reserves the right to alter these Conditions at any time without prior notice, although in the case of confirmed bookings no changes will be made without consultation with the hirer.
    15. Interpretation: In these “Conditions of Hire”, WADCA shall mean any Officer of the Association acting with the authority of the Executive Committee.
    16. Complaints: Any complaints should be submitted to the Booking Manager within seven (7) days of the hire.
    17. Additional Charges: For parties/bookings of hirers events for 13 – 21 years of age there will be an additional payment required of £30 to cover WADCA additional costs.
    18. First Aid: A First Aid box is provided in the kitchen area for hirers use. WADCA does not provide first aiders.