17th September 2015

Centre Squares

centre-squaresCentre Squares have been meeting at the Community Centre on a Tuesday evening since the CA building was opened. We are a friendly group of people who, under the watchful eye of our resident Caller Colin Pett, dance progressively in squares of four couples. We enjoy the challenge of learning new moves but have great fun in the process.

Some of our more experienced members regularly travel all over the country to dance with friends – old and new. Some even travel abroad to dance in Europe, America, Canada and Australasia. ‘Fun’ is a keyword in Square Dancing – there is no ‘Competition’ dancing within the Square Dance movement.

At various intervals we hold ‘Open Evenings’ to welcome anyone interested in seeing and learning more about our absorbing hobby. Why not contact us and arrange to come and visit us?

Centre Squares beginners’ classes start at 8:00pm in the main hall.
Poster – Invitation to the New Beginners’ Class

For more information, please contact the Community Centre.