WADCA Outdoor Space Design Competition

WADCA Outdoor Space Design Competition
23rd January – 17th March.

We want to utilise our outdoor spaces for the community to use.

There are 4 areas: Youth Garden – Young people will be guided in how to learn new skills, take pride in their work and improve the area next to Campus Skate Park.

Dementia/Sensory Garden – This will be for those who need a calm & safe place to relax, notice & connect with nature and meet.

Art Installation – We need to put WADCA on the Map!

Not enough people know what we have to offer, let alone that we are even here!!!
Roadside design/Free Food area – Helping people to connect, give to the community and find new friends and a sense of purpose.

If interested contact WADCA for full details of how to enter. You can also download this PDF document for full details on how to enter.